From dinos ... To prehistoric time

Because of the new technologies: augmented reality and mapping, experience with your family a new adventure on the dinosaurs' era.

LOGO t-rexperience

Dare to come inside the T-Rex's run

Through a dispositive of augmented reality, on a big screen, visitors will meet dinosaurs and among them, there is the T-REX. Fortunately, an electric barrier separate the visitors from old time's creatures... But what would happened in case of electrical dysfunction?

Gustav by Cocktail, atelier numérique situé en Vendée.

logo din'odyssee

Live a Real life time experience in total immersion in the dinosaur era.

Through a double immersif Mapping, the spectators enter a landscape of the Jurassic and go off to explore dinosaurs.

iRéalité - CAPACITES SAS, filiale de l'Université de Nantes dédiée à la valorisation de la recherche et au transfert de technologies.

It's a real travel back in old times

Travel back in the prehistory time to discover dinosaurs. Meet some of the most fabulous creatures which reigned on Earth for more than 100 million years. After a fast forward of 63 million years you will be able to follow the first man's footsteps. Explore their customs and a reconstruction of Neolithic's habitat. Also, you will be able to look at the only restored alignments of menhirs located in the Bois de Fourgon, in Vendée.

Discover the dinosaur's forest's atmosphere 

Enter the gates of Jurassic to be at the heart of dinosaur's forest. Watch out... Listen to the noises you will be surrounded by and you will discover the biggest dinosaurs of our history. Be careful not to being caught, they are everywhere....

Do not be scared! Move forward step by step at the end of the forest to enter in the Paleolithic era. Observe your ancestor's menhirs, their way of life and their habitat.

You will be an expert in prehistory

Throughout the trail you will take part of an interactive game. Read carefully all the explanations and listen to the dinosaur's scream (with sounds). On your way back you will have some questions to answer in order to have your adventurer's reward

Are you ready for the adventure? Book your ticket online and be the first adventurers to battle the dinosaurs!

Age : from 3 to 77 years old
Opening :