The pirate's treasure

A giant treasure hunt

Come and discover the true Pirate's life, their daily life, their adventures, some famous names and anecdotes.... So .......let's go pirates, let's attack!

Welcome to the Pirate's World

Throughout the trail, the atmosphere of the pirate Black Beard will escort you to resolve the enigmas. Background music, sound effect...Do not be surprise if you hear a pirate laugh on your way! Between two stages, you will see life-size pirates with period costumes. Be careful and don't forget to raise your head... Some prisoners are looking at you!

Resolve the enigmas and become a true pirate

In a playful, bucolic familial trail, you will have to find the solutions to 20 enigmas to collect clues and discover the Pirate's treasure. Be smart and resolve one by one every mystery: the big mast, the forbidden word, the share of the spoils... To the Queen Anne's Revenge will immerse you back in those days!

This amusement park is for everyone in the family, kids and adults will both have fun.

Book now your ticket and by resolving all the mysteries, you will become a true pirate!

Age : 3 to 77 years old
Opening :