Secret du château EN

The secrets of the castle


Discover all the secrets of the castle

Come inside the château and have a look in every room. In three floors, it will reveal its secrets through enigmas, little games and interactive questions.

You will start to visit the château by the hall. On the ground floor, explore the main lounge and the dining room. After, take the stairs made of stone, it will allow you to visit the King's bedroom. Furniture, paintings and accessories are from that time and are here to immerse you in history. On the third floor, you will be able to admire marvelous framework made of oak-tree.

All outdoor courses are accessible with pushchairs. No pushchairs inside the castle.

An interactive adventure!

A unique adventure in every room which will lead you to a trail full of discovery!

With your tablet or your smartphone, move forward step by step in every room. Be smart and resolve the games and enigmas of the château.

With this interactive investigation, the château will have no more secret for you!

In order to download freely the application in Google Play Store Click HERE. Before the game, make sure that your device is compatible.

This game uses a new technology only available with Android. Only smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 and above, which are equipped with NFC reader, are compatible. But do not worry! We offer you a location service, one tablet per family.

Spend your day in the Castle adventurers, resolve the château's secrets and win your reward ! Book your passes online


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Age : from 3 to 77 years old
Opening :
1 hour